Our Artists are Feeling the Season!

With a high of 72 on this cool, crisp day in Dallas, we can’t help but wish that the thermometer would plunge just a bit.  But never-the-less, our artists are embracing the season upon us.

Have you been by Nest lately? Crisman’s installation for the holidays is a must see. Driving by the lovely store located at 4524 McKinney Avenue will make you press the brake pedal a few times to stop and stare.

And what says the holidays more than a new piece of jewelry?  Judson Baker, Kay Reeder, and Sharon Stone helped de Boulle share their thrill of the holiday with a shoot this past month.  “My reason for choosing diamonds is that, dense as they are, they represent the greatest worth in the smallest volume.” - Coco Chanel

And how about our poor waist line that we will all be forgetting about until January due to the yummy food you will be eating?  Doug Voisin worked with PaperCity on this fun holiday spread.  Cakes, Donuts, Brandy….oh my!

And lastly, but certainly not least…we are mesmerized and can’t help but wish for snow with Par Bengtsson’s stunning Swedish image.  However in Texas, we aren’t hedging our bets on a stunning backdrop like this to grace our presence anytime soon.

While we are all checking our National Weather Channel app on a daily, waiting for it to feel more like the holiday season; we are grateful for the images around us to remind us of this time of year.  Thanks for a great 2015 and we are excited to ring in 2016!

Nest candy cane photo:

de Boulle:
photography - JUDSON BAKER
hair/makeup - KAY REEDER
stylist - SHARON STONE

Paper city spread:
stylist - DOUG VOISIN

Swedish winter fix image: