Apartment Therapy: Complete and Happy Home

      Two summers ago Crisman had the pleasure of being asked to be a contributing stylist to the very popular Apartment Therapy crew on their central Texas leg of their cross country journey of home tours. The resulting photography and interviews would eventually be compiled into a readers guide for better living. Less than two months out if the gate 'Apartment Therapy: Complete and Happy Home' is a NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER and thus is serving as a must have guide to the elements of what brings life and, most importantly, happiness to a home. It covers everything from architecture and color palettes to organization and cleaning. It is not only visually stunning, it's a good read as well!

     "It was so great to work with such a great crew as well as a group of diverse but equally enthusiastic and creative home owners. If I could have more weeks like that in my life I would be one enlightened dude." -Crisman

     We understand the sentiment. Take a peak into that magical week below.

Crisman and his crew after shooting

Apartment Therapy: Complete and Happy Home
Creative Direction: Maxwell Ryan and Janel Laban
Photographs: Melanie Acevedo