Paper Dogs by Loran Thrasher.

IA set fabricator, Loran Thrasher, has designed and launched a range of life size paper dogs exclusively for Neiman Marcus. Just in time for the holiday season, his loveable designs are individually hand-made using recycled materials and make the perfect gift for all animal lovers.

Meet Loran’s canine creations below. Happy Holidays!


Josephine is the quintessential French Poodle. Her intelligent face couples well with the almost regal authority of her confident stance. Her bouffant hair do and pom poms are made of 30 feet of recycled craft paper, they are evidence of the forward thinking in her high brow conscientious style. Josephine is a must have for the elegant and the inspired.


Penelope is known for her faithfulness and loyalty in Homer's Odyssey. Imagine your very own symbol of undying love and steadfastness. We offer unto you Penelope our Maltese! She is fashioned in the image of ancient breed from the Mediterranean renowned for their beauty and character just as the wife of Odysseus, the mythical Penelope.


Tank is our English Bulldog. He is a brawny little powerhouse meant to bring a smile to any bad day. Tank is named for the stylized angles of his face, strong body, low center of gravity. Do yourself a favor and get on his good side by bringing him home today.


I love this Golden Retriever! I named him after my own Golden Retriever, Grady, which is also a family name going back several generations. His pose is modeled after the way he points at basically anything that moves. We consider it his signature public service announcement. I hope you find Grady as adorable as I do.


Labradors are renowned for their temperament, loyalty, and usefulness. For these reasons, Labradors are employed for much more tasks other than hunting. These tasks include assisting the disabled, being affectionate companions to the elderly, and as visitors bringing joy and happiness to those staying long term in hospitals everywhere. This is why we named our Labrador Lucy which comes from the Latin word for "light," or " light bringer."