IA Children’s Stylist: Teressa Ingram

We are delighted to announce the newest member of the IA team, Teressa Ingram. Teressa is our extraordinarily talented children’s stylist With grace, joy, and a lot of patience, she is a master at wrangling tiny tots. You can’t help, but release a drawn out “aww” when looking at her photographs.

The former way of professionally capturing a child’s picture perfect moment involved parents dressing their children up in ruffled underwear then taking them to the department store where a photographer would squeeze a squeaky toy in hopes that it would evoke some kind of emotion from the child. Don’t expect that from Teressa. She effortlessly makes her photo shoots fun so that when she captures a smile and twinkled eye it’s a genuine reflection of the child's happiness.

"In my years of traveling and working with different clients, it has allowed me to understand the mind of a child. Children are amazing “Little people” in a “Big world”, who I want to make feel comfortable, have fun and shine on set. I feel I have “adopted” the Peter Pan Philosophy, regardless of age, it can be fun to NEVER GROW UP.” 
-Teressa Ingram