Tailor Made: Tracy Popken Springer

The art of tailoring is an art few have truly achieved. Finding a good tailor is like finding a pair of your favorite design shoes at a sample sale for 80% off, rare and amazing. We may not be able to give you designer shoes at a price so low it feels like stealing, but we can give you a really great tailor.

Tracy Popken Springer has been working towards mastering her craft for over a decade.  Her attention to detail and ability to work with fabrics is exceptional.  As a daughter of two brilliant engineers, Tracy has always been driven by her love of how clothes are constructed, specifically vintage clothing. On set, Tracy tailors clothing skillfilly to capture the ideal fit.

Tailoring is more than just a job for Tracy it’s a lifestyle.  She truly enjoys reconstructing and creating exquisite pieces of clothing. She has a strong sense of personal style, giving off this cool retro vibe circa 1950’s with her rocking a line skirts that of course fit perfectly.  Stylist appreciate that Tracy listens closely to absorb the overall vision of the project and works creatively with them to achieve it. 


Check out www.tracypopken.com and follow her on Instagram @tracypopken to see more of Tracy’s work.