The Wallflower Issue #3

Creative director Tammy Theis states that the latest issue of The Wallflower "wasn’t planned as an ode to rebels, but as the stories came in, there was a thread of that spirit in each one. In Nick Prendergrast’s rebel youth, stylist Ariella Villa referenced the work of swiss photographer Karlheinz Weinberger who documented Swiss, working class teenagers in the ‘50s and ’60s who created their own look fusing iconic american pop culture imagery - biker jackets, denim jeans, bouffany hairdos and elvis - into their own style of defiant gang glamour." 

The editorial styled by Ariella Villa also featured jewelry created by Benjamin Hubert for his Tetanus collection. 

The second editorial in the issue styled by Ariella is shot by German born photographer Claudia Grassil who shot a trio blondes whose long manes of hair become a symbol of youthful defiance.