Independent Artists Presents: New Day

As we enter this new year full of exciting possibility, we thought it fitting to produce a set of images full of warmth and energy. Stylist Amy Hays completely transformed the Tilly House and put together looks to paint her visual story with beautiful patterns and textures. Hair & makeup artist Kay Reeder effortlessly created natural and beautiful looks for models Becca from Wallflower Management and Allison from Kim Dawson. With the assistance of producer Willy Adams, photographer Heather Key, art director Jane Baker, and assistant stylist Doug Voisin, the team came together to conceive a series of photographs which showcase some of our cities most talented artists.

Independent Artists is proud to present:
"New Day"

Concept and Styling by Amy Hays | Hair & Makeup by Kay Reeder | Production by Willy Adams-Hartsell | Assistant Styling by Douglas Voisin | Photography by Heather Key | Location : Tilly House | Models Becca from Wallflower Management, Allison from Kim Dawson | Art Direction by Jane Baker

ALSO: Check out this amazing behind the scenes video shot and edited by Doug Voisin!