Tetanus Jewelry

Local jewelry designer Benjamin Hubert has been gaining a lot of online buzz with his alchemical, somewhat macabre line, Tetanus Jewelry, which he designs and promotes in partnership with IA stylist Ariella Villa.

The piece that seems to be popping up all over the internet is the now infamous "Cockroach Cameo" which has been featured on blogs all over the web from Perez Hilton to Sea of Shoes.

Image courtesy of Sea of Shoes

Buzz aside, Hubert and Villa want to assure you, Tetanus is "more than just cockroaches".

The pieces are all made by hand in Hubert's home studio using found objects, mixed metals, bugs, bones, teeth, all customized through oxidation, fire, tea staining, and dying processes.

His new pieces are available for purchase online, in Dallas at Dolly Python, and in Ft. Worth at Shampoo Salon.