Artifacts By Casey

North Texas native Casey Perez moved to New York in 2005 to attend NYU as a psychology major where she discovered a previously hidden talent while taking a jewelry design course. It was in this class that she changed her career path and launched herself full force into the fashion industry. Her drive and style caught the eye of NYC jewelry maker Digby & Iona where she interned before launching her own brand Artifacts by Casey.

What is most interesting about her jewelry is the fact that every piece is designed and hand constructed by Perez herself, with the goal of constructing pieces that have people stop and think. The passion to create thought provoking accessories gives her an almost purely Dadaist approach to design, attempting to create transformable, raw pieces out of ordinary objects.

Her eagerly anticipated new collection, which is still in development, draws it's inspiration from a more industrial/punk aesthetic while still remaining completely organic. It contains tons of smashed metals and mesh while still maintaining her signature design style. Also in the works is a collaboration with a stylist for Academy for Men who will be incorporating her pieces into a 30 page spread on denim.

With numerous stockists from Brooklyn to Melbourne, a constantly expanding brand , and a feature in the February 2010 issue of Nylon Magazine, Perez certainly is a designer to watch.

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